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the future is bright [entries|friends|calendar]
garrett = l33t

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[26 Jul 2008|05:37am]
I post this hoping mainly that Susan and Myers will see it; conversely holding that hope I know they will not and someone else will. I've spent the past few hours reading my old posts and I've come to two conclusions:

A:) The addition of marijuana to my lifestyle was the penical of bad mistakes


B:) I loved playing in ADS. The pain that was caused to me rivaled the moment when the
girl I lost my virginity to broke up with me.

I seem to forget these things. To blame mostly are my gloriousally wonderful friends.

But fuck man. I sit in silence in a dark room and cook a cool plot of vengence.



forgive my misspellings. im drunk and reading old LJ entries hurts the soul.

its not the cards your dealt, but how you play them

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